Dodge Challenger Rework v5.0 (0.30X)
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Modification of the Dodge Challenger car mod for Bimka. Configurations have also been added (17 in total!).

- All wheels are made 20 inches instead of 19;
- Fixed some broken textures in the interior;
- Added the SRT logo on the radiator grille;
- Sound update [starter sounds, engine sounds];
- New Hatch [Improvements];
- In the process of working on the following improvements.

In version 5.0:
- Working hatch;
- Blinds for side windows and lighting;
- More skins;
- Moving automatic switch;
- Hellcat Kit for 5.7 (WIP);
- Many spare parts such as diffusers, bumper grilles, badges and more;
- Front license plate;
- Dual turbocharged models;
- The screens in the cabin are turned off;
- Lots of texture fixes and updates.

Credits: brodopolis


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