Cherrier Vivace SV v1.8.5 La Force
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1.8.5.La Force
New configs
Vivace SV 340 Arsenic
Vivace SV 370Q
New engine - V8 2.8L
Updated design of the internal SVX lettering
Added a new SV Arsenic bumper with a center hole.
Added a new central exhaust tip
Fixed a big traffic issue
Fixed texture errors
Optimized engine statistics
The names of the bumpers have been changed in the game
This mod adds a new version of the FCV Cherrier Vivace, SV 495.
SV 495 is equipped with a 6.5 L V8 engine and 495 hp!
The new version brings new bumpers and other things. It is planned to redo other details as well.

This mod contains:
- V8 6.5L and V6 2.7L engine (The engine now looks different, more modern)
- Full body kit SV
- - - - New ECUS (ECUs - X 490, X 500, SV Arsenic ECU)
- And a bunch of other interesting things

Credits: W01T45


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