Cherrier Émoussé Sedan v1.1.2 (0.30.X)
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New configurations for stock Cherrier. Now in the back of a sedan!

– 37 new complete sets;
– Special services vehicles (Police, FD, EMS, Mall Security);
– Doors, hood, trunk open;
– Three different trunk styles;
– Screen modes on the dashboard for normal and EV options;
– EU and US options;
– Also a lot of smaller details, such as roof rails, trailer hitch, handles, as well as some more cosmetics.

In version 1.1.2:
- Removed all preset labels in configs;
- Pre-installed coloring on factory configs has been removed;
- Updated USDM details and configurations. (For example, real USDM taillights, the front reflector now turns off when the engine is turned off, the flashing brake mechanism is removed so that the USDM fixes the headlight grid);
- Fixed duplicates.

Credits: Shadows


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