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In this pack, I have collected the best cars of the previous generation, but with minor modifications and a new corporate design with boomerang headlights and a false radiator grille in the style of the letter "A". These are cars that you can soak up pleasure from in the maximum quantity! | The A-279 model is generally rooted in the 107th car I created, and over the years it has been improved and at the moment it is a wonderful and incredibly verified crossover for travel and research of new locations. | A-430 is already a real off-road vehicle, an excellent combination of proven solutions and innovative technologies; handling and most importantly cross-country ability. This is Artemcar's best off-road adventure vehicle so far. | A-427 is an ultra-light convertible. If the rest of the cars underwent pinpoint improvements, then this sports car received a serious revision - a new boxer engine. This change made it possible to slightly improve weight distribution, traction, lower the center of gravity and, most importantly, improve the sound. | The A-426 is a premium sedan that will amaze you with its agility at the very first turn - there is a complete feeling of a fully controlled chassis. Try it and you will understand what I'm talking about! Well, the V6, "robot" with two clutches and the legendary all-wheel drive STC will provide excellent traction. | A-439 is definitely a landmark car of the Artemcar company! In my opinion, it was for this car that restyling brought the maximum benefit, after all, the previous version of the SUV looked a little controversial, and this one is just great! On the road, there is one nuance - arrogance at high speeds with the stabilization system turned off, but otherwise the balance of the chassis is fantastic: the ride is excellent on absolutely any surfaces, but the handling of this massive SUV is simply beyond praise! When cornering, you generally forget about the frame, continuous axles and springs - this heavy jeep turns easily, with pleasure, he likes it! I highly recommend trying these extraordinary sensations! Well, the ITC all-wheel drive system unified with the A-430 is responsible for the cross-country ability. A very versatile car, in my opinion, if not the best, then at least one of the best SUVs in its class presented on this site. | Among the layer of good Artemcar models, I have selected the best in my direction. As proof, I will say that I myself most often ride in Bimka on these machines and get all-round pleasure from them, a thrill if you like.


Credits: Genetik


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