Breakable Hardpoint 0.2
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MOD Breakable Hardpoint 0.2 for BEAMNG.DRIVE

Added support for Civetta Scintilla.
Fixed Civetta Bolide support.
Breakable Hardpoint is a simple device that drops any items attached to it at the touch of a button. All of its nodes are fixed except the node it drops, so it floats. There is a mobile version called Breakable Link, which has no fixed nodes, so it can be used to dump things from a moving vehicle.

How do I use it?
If you want to drop a heavy load from a fixed position above the ground:
Create a destructible attachment point and place it directly above the desired impact point.
Press Ctrl+B to show the beams. this will make the fragile attachment point visible. Press Shift+Ctrl+B to hide the rays again.
Go to the "Specific Car Controls" menu.
Make sure that a button or key is assigned to the destroyed reference point.
Create any heavy object that you want to drop, such as a bus. Some extremely heavy items can be difficult to hang.
Drag a heavy object to the node being destroyed.
Use a grapple node to attach a heavy object to the lowest node on the node being destroyed.
Wait until your chosen victim approaches the place of impact. Hitting a moving target is difficult. Time is crucial.
If you want to release the object, press the button or key assigned to the breakable attachment point.
Crush your enemies!
You can also implement pendulums using Breakable Hardpoint.

If you want to attach an object to a vehicle and detach the object on the go
Create any of the vehicles listed in the "Supported Vehicles" section below, such as a tow truck.
Set the breakable connection to one of the slots specified for the selected vehicle.
Press Ctrl+B to show the beams. this will make the broken link visible. Press Shift+Ctrl+B to hide the rays again.
The breaking link will be a small octahedron that will appear a few meters to the left of the vehicle.
Use the Node Grabber to connect the broken connection to any part of the car, for example, to the tow truck hook.
Create an object that will be attached to the vehicle using a breaking link, for example, another vehicle for towing.
Use Node Grabber to connect an object with a broken connection.
To drop the attached object, click the button configured in the "Specific Vehicle Controls" menu.
Please note that the vehicle creating the broken link has control over it. So, if you want the tow truck driver to be able to unhook the towed vehicle, create a severed connection with the tow truck. If you want the towed vehicle to have control of the squad, create a breaking link with the towed vehicle. If you want them both to have control, create a breakable link for each and connect the links sequentially. Activating any link will cause disconnection.

Credits: HighBeam9000


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