BMW X5M E70 V2
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This is the second version of the BMW X5M E70 mod for BeamngDrive. -PBR Materials - Your Jbeam - 3 types of wheels - Working dashboard - 6 Configs - Smooth interior What's new? - New optics ( the headlights are completely redesigned : the glass material is changed, another neon, high and low beam) - Icons are completely replaced ( Textures are better, + the ability to remove them) - Added chrome (previously there was only antichrome). All spare parts that can be chrome-plated from the outside can be removed or replaced with anti-chrome (depending on the configuration) - A new steering wheel has also been added (Previously there was a steering wheel from the X5M f85 - the next generation from the e70, in this version the original steering wheel from the e70 family has been added.)

Credits: bubon2012


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