Mercedes-Benz W222 1.0 (0.29.X)
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- Excellent study of the body from all sides;
- Completely edited my 100% Jbeam;
- Excellent damage;
- All PBR textures. High quality;
- New PBR headlights;
- Realistic engines and gearbox (have real characteristics);
- Own dashboard;
- Animated dashboard, pedals;
- Working lighting equipment;
- Working navigator;
- Working mirrors;
- 2 generations (2013-2017, 2017-2020);
- Everyone's favorite S65 and S63 AMG are completely recreated in this mod. Two generations, 2013 and 2017;
- Brabuses. In this mod, the BRABUS 900 and BRABUS 700, which can be accelerated 350+ km / h;
- All nameplates on the trunk (S65, S63, S600, S500, S400, S350, AMG, 4matic, BRABUS);
- Interior color changes according to the 2nd palette, also, 4 interior trim options are provided. Wood, carbon fiber;
- Interior lighting changes according to the 3rd palette;
- Tinting of each glass. There is a full hopper and a simple dimming;
- Your wheels;
- 23 configurations. All of them really exist and are taken from the list of W222 available for purchase.

Credits: BBM


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