BMW E34 Big Update v3.0 (0.32.x)
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A big upgrade of the BMW E34 car with a bunch of new things for BeamNG! Now 82 Configurations!

- The car is now the right size, the 3D model has been redesigned for greater accuracy
- Completely redesigned Jbeam with good shape, and some are made from scratch
- Most of the textures have been redesigned and translated to PBR
- Advanced selection of heavy parts, without useless parts. Now each trimmer gives signals... they are configured separately
- Working odometer and clock
- 50 configurations from the beginning of E34 to the end, with some special ones such as polizei, dirt track, rally, drift, race (518i and 524TD are planned for further updates)
- Some rare E34, such as Ceccoto M5, m540i...
- Each config has its own inscription
- New tuning parts such as Hella heckblend, racing parts, etc...
- Window stickers (#Boiserie, starfobar, Need for Drive Team...)
- USDM material
- Customizable interior with multiple options and multiple interior materials + colorable leather
- 7 steering wheels
- BMW Style wheels 2,5,20,21,37,68, Alpina and AC Snithzer
- BMW colors
- Each configuration has its own gearbox with precise ratio and weight

- M20B20/B25 I6 engine with grid, tuning, custom sound
- M30B30/B35 I6 engine with grid, tuning, custom sound
- M50B20/B25 I6 engine with grid, tuning, custom sound
- M51B25 I6 diesel engine with grid, tuning
- S38B36/B38 I6 engine with grid, tuning, custom sound
- RB26/28 I6 engine with grid, tuning, custom sound (replaced the old one with my tokyo mustang)
- M60B30/40 V8 engine with grid, tuning, custom sound

In the version from 05/29.24:
- Added a station wagon
- jbeam for Touring body and tailgate
- New beam on the rear bumper.
- Touring body with double sunroof
- 4 new colors: British Racing Green (312), Orinoco Metallic (406), Black (086), Oxford Green Metallic (324)
- Recaro RS front seat
- Interior made of anthracite fabric M
- Interior fabric Anthracite M "Hurricane"
- Body kit Ac Shnitzer
- There is no headset in the back seat
- Wireless cover
- Gasoline fuel tank with a capacity of 80 liters.
- The fuel trap is now part of
- New configs:
M5 Winkelhock,540i JDM, beater, 535i mtech,525i mtech, koenig special M5
M5 3.8, facelift M5 3.8, M5 Elekta, M5 3.8, imported from the USA, M5 nur(94), 518i, 520i, 525i, 525ix, Facelif 525ix, 525TD, 525TDS, 525i USDM, 525i UDSM Facelift, 530i V8 USDM, 540i, 540i JDM, sleeper
- Updated Nagi's M5
- Two new sets of wheels: Style 16 and 29.
- Gm 4L30 automatic transmission.
- correct diesel transmission (ZF S5D 260Z)
- improved differential ratio (I tried to make it as close to reality as possible, if something is wrong, please let me know)
- Improved bottom
- Improved 3d interior
- Mesh on the front panel
- Style 20 and 21 now have M-System wheel slots and mirrored + Rear wheels available in 17x9 size.
- 540i bumper lip
- Bumper pads (Standart and V8)
- The texture of the headlight glass has been changed.
- Headlights without emoticons
- M-Tech front bumper (M5 and M-tech are different)
- Without nameplate M Bumper trim
- The 525ix M-pack has been removed due to its absence. Replaced by the 525i M-tech.
- Fixed DTM configuration wheels.
- Texture optimization
- ESC+TC is now available

Credits: Smok2, matissator


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