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This is a go-kart based on a real go-kart that I rode as a child back in the late 90s. My dad, thankfully, hates throwing away everything he built, so he still had pieces of that go-kart so I could check the dimensions and estimate the weight more accurately. To make it stable in the beam, I had to make it about 40-60 pounds heavier than the IRL, but I figured it was close enough.

Here he came back right after the 350 was introduced compared to the model in the game, the instrument cluster did not work at all after about the first two or three trips, so it was removed in later versions.

It comes with an additional dummy that sits in both positions. It's not animated and it's not gaping. I don't plan on animating it unless it's heavily requested, but I plan on jbeaming it once I get the grid. If you prefer not to have it, the weight unit remains in order to maintain the balance of the go-kart.

It has gone through several iterations over the years as parts have broken and the intended purpose has changed. This initial release includes the two earliest versions of karting

Credits: nachtstiel


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