Audi A6 (C8) v1.2 (0.32.x)
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A new high-quality Audi A6 C8 car mod for BeamNG.
- 14 configurations;
- Excellent interior;
- Highly optimized model;
- The police version.

In version 1.2:
- Added an additional brake light to the interior;
- Added an antenna (fin) to the roof;
- Added the possibility of hidden installation of police lights;
- Added a custom Jbeam to the radiator cap (between the bumper and the engine compartment);
- Added the ability to select the language of the control panel;
- Added auto appearance setting in traffic;
- Added the ability to install American license plates (a separate bumper must be selected for the front bumper);
- Added the skin of the German police and the Nurburgring race track;
- Added several transmission options;
- Added customizable all-wheel drive;
- Changed engine and exhaust sounds;
- Fixed the position of the racing rubber on the discs;
- Slightly increased radiator performance level 3;
- Fixed UV on Maxton carbon body kits;
- Fixed 3D model of interior inserts;
- The display of flashes of light sources is disabled;
- Now the screens in the cabin turn off in case of an accident;
- Fixed the names of the body colors and added new ones;
- Various texture fixes.

Credits: Andronisk, Zuweisung


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