Arima Monica ELDY/EXiA 1992-98 v1.5 (0.29.X)
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In version 1.5:
- Improved materials;
- Added configuration of the Japanese Celina EXiA unmarked police;
- Fixed a problem with overheating of the coolant of standard V6 models;
- The performance of Ultra High Performance radiators has been upgraded, the problem of overheating of the coolant in the configured Wangan configuration has now been solved;
- Fixed the "Metallic" color typo error;
- Fixed the texture of the extended radio.

Introducing the new 4-door sedan with a rigid roof Arima Monica ELDY / Arima Celina EXiA. Get to know the elegant streamlined design and powerful characteristics of the new brand.

Arima Monica ELDY is a four-door sedan with a hard roof, named after its Monica car, and was so popular among young people that at that time caused the trend of four-door cars with a hard roof in Japan due to its elegant style and excellent characteristics. .
However, as the direction of car consumption in Japan changed to liveability, stability and practicality, its popularity gradually declined, and finally, in 1998, it was discontinued, which put an end to the history of Monica ELDY.

Credits: CanCan_0103


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