Alfa Romeo Giulia v1.2 (0.28.X)
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A big update of the old Alfa Romeo Giulia car mod.

- pbr for exterior and interior;
- Added GTAm details;
- Added parts of QV Race;
- Added wide-body NFS parts;
- Added aftermarket headlights (glowmapped);
- Added carbon parts;
- Fully retextured and redesigned interior;
- New 3d steering wheel model with new textures;
- Better jbeam engine and 3d model;
- Fixed no problems with the texture area;
- Improved texture quality;
- Fixed the position of the license plate;
- Fixed shading;
- Added working mirrors (now they really reflect);
- Edited by Jbeam;
- added selectable oil pans, engine blocks, exhaust system and control unit;
- All engine configurations have been redesigned;
- Added a moving manual switch;
- Added automatic shifter;
- Added automatic transmission;
- Added serial transmission;
- Updated thumbnails;
- Updated and added configuration information;
- Added a new center screen texture;
- Added GPS screen;
- Reassigned and fixed sensor screen;
- Fixed rotation and position of needles;
- Front/rear lights are made better;
- Improved glow maps (added rear running lights);
- Updated interior textures;
- Added 5 new configs;
- Added 2 new engines with realistic engine model, sound and torque curve (3.8L V6 engine and 5.7L V8 engine);
- Improved sound.

Credits: Phaien


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