2023 Lamborghini Revuelto v1.1 Update (0.32.x)
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The Revuelto is a future Lamborghini model designed to replace the Aventador. Using the extreme and modern power of hybrid technology, this car symbolizes a new era for the brand. The famous 6.5 V12 engine uses this technology to take it to a level never seen before. As the brand's first HPEV (high-performance electric vehicle), it paves the way for the future. He is rewriting the ideals and reinforcing the signature values of Lamborghini's legacy.

The Revuelto's dynamic and lightweight design combines the incredible power of the V12 engine and the forward thrust created by the front electric motors. Features such as Y-shaped and hexagonal LEDs are trademarks of Lamborghini's DNA. The car itself is powerful and brave; I decided to move on asphalt.

The interior is built around the driver with a traditional Lamborghini Y-shaped dashboard to provide a sensation comparable to that of piloting a jet plane.

The mod of this machine for BeamNG.drive contains all factory disc styles, paint colors, interior colors, caliper colors, as well as some additional engine settings and visual customization. Market models of the EU and the USA. Custom sounds.

Optionally, you can install the Turbo Everything mod for better performance of turbo versions.

Credits: TTN


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