2021 Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Coupe
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Mod car 2021 Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Coupe for BeamNG.drive

Features of the mod:
- INSTALL: drag zip into mods
- HQ 3D model / PBR support
- HQ interior
- HQ engine and parts
- HQ texture
- Custom sounds
- Factory colors
- completely self-repairing underbody under the car
- 100% edited Jbeams of every car part
- 6 sets of rims (3 AMG / 3 Brabus)
- Brabus body parts / Widebody parts modeled by Custum
- The car is fully customizable in all its parts
- the most correct maps of the glow of the lights
- working steering wheel, pedals, turn signal / wiper arm
- working sensors
- extremely detailed performance settings
- a lot of technical tuning (engine, chassis, charging, etc.)
- 9 different configs

known bugs:
- Car emits a burst sound when reviving or resetting, but does not break
this is caused by jbeam which i really can't figure out

Credits: CSB & CSR Racing 2


Download109.8 MB

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