2020 Audi RS7/A7 v1.0
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Mod 2020 Audi RS7/A7 v1.0 for BeamNG.drive

The kit includes 3 generations of the car:
1. Audi RS7 2013
2. Audi RS7 2016
3. Audi RS7 2019 Audi A7

– Active spoiler;
– Working lighting equipment;
– Lots of interesting configs and tuning;
– Many of its wheels;
- 36 different configurations;
– Medium damage;
– Breaking glass;
– There is a system of skins;
– Developed engine and engine compartment;
– Detailed body;
– Detailed interior + PBR;
– Has animation of headlights, dashboard at startup + Animated turn signals on some configurations;
– Working wipers.

What is in the version from 08/21/12:
- Fixed ABS;
- Improved jbeam;
- Correction of various little things.

What's in the version from 02.10.22:
- Fixed the Driving Safety System (If it doesn't work, please clear the cache and check if you have both a new and an old version)w
- Fixed the 2.8 i6 and 3.0 i6 engines that were broken in 0.26.1;
- Sound update; (there is no SBR sound in the game anymore, now i6 and V8 sound are used, there may be some bugs or inaccuracies that need to be changed in the next update.)
- Changed files .jbeam and .pc to change the van body both in body style and information
- Removed some parts that do not have 3D models, reduce the file size.;
- Changed most of the values of the part to give it more meaning;
- Added miscellaneous: Navigation unit and towing device.

Credits: rybakin86, NET_NUKA[FIRBY]


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