1984-2013 Brutto Grander V2/1.1.0
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 Mod 1984-2013 Brutto Grander V2/1.1.0 for BeamNG.drive

Brutto Grander is a small SUV that has conquered many generations with its simplicity, reliability, cross–country ability and relative cheapness. It appeared as a result of the joint work of Gavril and Gross in 1983, it entered mass production only in the middle of 1984.

What made the Grandeur so special, besides the amazing characteristics?
These are the bars - from the cheapest to the most expensive, from the simplest to the most advanced.
- Do you want a small van? Well, here he is!
- Do you want a small SUV? And here he is!
- Do you want a full-size family car? Not another word, take it.

Credits: N0mN0m


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