1980s Ibishu 300BX v1.53 (0.28.X)
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A little-known car of the Fairlady Z family, this generation is the most luxurious version of the Z31. This is also the first time the creators equipped the Z with a V-6 engine rather than a typical inline-six engine, and it sold very well compared to the Supra, RX-7 and Starion of that time.

In version 1.53:
- Fixed all tire mesh sizes and jbeams;
- Added "ray tracing" for headlight buckets to simulate light bouncing off them;
* Please note that switching between vehicles may cause the error Light outer angle of these lights, Ctrl R to correct.
- Changed the accuracy of the jbeam longitudinal levers;
- Error correction;
- Central brake lights are now beating;
- Fixed breaking off of trunks;
- Edited by jbeams;
- Updated all lighting to make it shine more beautifully;
- Redesigned front turn signals and parking lights.

Credits: Agent Uly (G.E.W.P)


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