1976 Ibishu Claria v1.1 (0.32.x)
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The 1976 Ibishu Claria is a rear—wheel drive station wagon with a hard roof, produced in Japan since 1976 and equipped with 2.4 L/C24 and 2.6 L/C26 Ibishu C-series engines. Many configurations were available at the factory: from the GS 2400, equipped with standard functions and hoods, to the GTz 2600, which was equipped with a Brewer C26 carburetor with a unique combination of red and white thin stripes, up to the Luxe 2600 Clari-Matic. equipped with a luxurious interior for comfort and a Clari-Matic gearbox to make driving as enjoyable as possible. Outside the factory, Claria was usually built for drift and car shows, rarely built for track racing.

– Various interior options;
– Several types of wheels;
– 15 configurations;
– HQ quality.

In version 1.1:
- Added USDM parts and configurations bearing the G-series trademark. For example, 240GS is a basic model with a 2.4L engine, 260GX is a luxury model with a 2.6L engine.
- The USDM parts kit includes 5 mph bumpers, exterior mirrors, interior and left-hand drive inch indicators, side markers, grille signals, left-hand drive wipers.
- Updated light textures with bloom.
- Added vinyl roof covers.
- Added a sun visor on the windshield.
- Added a new mirror system.
- Added working odometers.
- Added details and configuration of the Japanese taxi.
- Added details and configuration of the Japanese police (thanks to @Shadows for providing the beacon)
- Custom configs have been reconfigured.
- Minor bugs have been fixed.

Credits: LJ74


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