Fictional Trucking and Service Skin Pack 2.6
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MOD Fictional Trucking and Service Skin Pack 2.6 BEAMNG.DRIVE

A total of 15 new skins have been added.
- Added 14 new skins from the following new companies: Just-In-Time Delivery, n-fuel, VolItalia Cargo, Three Cube Supermarket, Firwood Motors, Texas Waste Management and Rayford Shipping.
- Added 1 new S&C Construction skin for MAN TGS.
- Dryvan downloads now work with pre-attached trailers from the AgentY Trailer Mod
- Other minor fixes and improvements .
This mod includes 194 skins and 12 drivers based on companies that either exist in the BeamNG world or are completely fictional. Each skin comes with at least 1 config.

Mod requirements: (they are optional, but without them some configs may load incorrectly).
Mod Tanker With Skins — required to use skins for tank trailers
MAN TGS Euro 6 — required to use MAN TGS trailer skins
in the parts selector — required to use configurations with pre-attached trailers
Delivery van interior — used in some van configurations
T-Series Garbage Truck - Required to use garbage truck configs

Credits: Top Tier Studios


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