Zeit Radio (The Zeidio) v3.3 (0.32.x)
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The radio is available on any car and is controlled through an application with a user interface.

- The main functions of the radio: volume control, skip a song, play/pause, automatic playback of the next song, quieter playback outside the car.
- Has settings for first-person camera only.
- User interface application for radio control (simple keyboard shortcuts are also available):
External skip buttons control the current playlist.
The application is called "Radio Control", the search for applications with a user interface depends on the case.
- An assistant to simplify the addition of custom music
- Support for all modern vehicle mods (default for each vehicle)
- Possible extended support for other mods: song title, artist, time and album cover/song file are available for use on displays.

Be sure to watch the video below to understand how to use it all!

In version 3.3:
- The explorer window has been replaced with its own imgui window due to technical problems.
- Added translations (Assistant and Explorer).
- Optimized import sequence.
- Added a fail-safe option if the file is corrupted/incorrect.
- Fixed covers that were sometimes exported incorrectly (for the third time).
- Fixed a UI application that did not display covers whose paths start with "/".

Credits: DaddelZeit


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