Ultimate Pickup Parts v1.7.0 (0.32.x)
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18 new configurations for a stock SUV.

This is a parts pack, meaning you can create your own configurations with it, but most parts are also used in the included configurations.
Here is a list of the most notable parts:
- 6 doors and a long platform. 6-door cabin and frame options (and related parts);
- Large roof rack with bed, upper rear and front trunk, camper option, roof lights and front extension;
- Extended wing extenders in black and body color;
- Shortened bad and related details;
- Large off-road Goliath suspension and details;
- Large off-road wheels and Goliath tires;
- Platforms for long and short beds;
- Gooseneck option for on-board platforms;
- New spoiler compatible with other accessories for the bad;
- Elongated weight-adjustable cargo boxes for the bed (weight is now 100-10000kg instead of 200-1000kg).

In version 1.7.0:
- This update adds a huge 9.2L V12 engine! This gasoline engine is being replaced with larger Gavril models, it comes with factory turbochargers, but with superchargers as an option for tuning!
This engine is only suitable when you also install a cut-out radiator support and a rear-mounted radiator, as it is very large.
- Single early seats and late rear seats.
- The 2 best radiator types for the rear mounted radiator.
- Double and triple nitrogen cylinders
- Heavy-duty four-door side above the cabin (6-door only).
- Heavy duty cabin extension cables for installation of auxiliary equipment.
- Long ramps above the cabin for heavy-duty operation.
- Zeta front bumper accessory in the form of a separate bumper, including a stripped-down version.
There are also other improvements.:
- The sidebars of the auxiliary addons now really open (my God, I did it!).
- Extensions of heavy-duty sides above the cabin with bumper mounting points now have an improved beam (collision prevention box).
- Fixed a bug that caused the rear door to not close on a camper with a large roof rack.
- Fixed 3 6x6 frames with an incorrect driveshaft groove.
- Added friction values to the 6x6 center differentials.
- Added another central button for the loading ramps of the car to help people learn how to open it (hopefully).
- 5 new configurations have also been added.

Credits: Gamer!


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