Ultimate Pickup Parts v1.4.0 (0.31.x)
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18 new configurations for a stock SUV.

This is a parts pack, meaning you can create your own configurations with it, but most parts are also used in the included configurations.
Here is a list of the most notable parts:
- 6 doors and a long platform. 6-door cabin and frame options (and related parts);
- Large roof rack with a bed, upper rear and front trunk, camper option, roof lights and front extension;
- Extended wing extenders in black and body color;
- Shortened bad and related details;
- Large off-road Goliath suspension and details;
- Large off-road wheels and Goliath tires;
- Platforms for long and short beds;
- Gooseneck option for on-board platforms;
- New spoiler compatible with other accessories for the bad;
- Elongated weight-adjustable cargo boxes for the bed (weight is now 100-10000kg instead of 200-1000kg).

In version 1.4.0:
- Heavy Duty Flatbed, an improved version of the large on-board platform, taken from the updated T-series;
- Long platform for heavy-duty operation, using additional length of auxiliary frames and a maximum capacity of 8 cargo boxes;
- Long sliding platform, also for auxiliary frames;
- Adjustable exhaust pipes of variable length;
- Double wings with all wing extensions;
- Mudguards for conventional and double wings (located in the grooves of the front inner wings.

Credits: Gamer!


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