Russian License Plates v1.4 (0.32.x)
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Russian license plates with a changeable region code (including a three-digit code) and support for square numbers. 
- 9 types of license plates in Russia
- The ability to change the region code - just enter any code, observing the format
- Support for square rooms (only for some types)
- Extra Styles function for some types of rooms. Enter after the text "!x", where x is the style number.(example: "T909KK777!2"). See the Extra Styles spoiler at the very end of the description!

Follow the format! If the format is not followed, "404" is displayed on the number!
0 - any digit
x is one of the Latin letters "ABEKMHOPCTYX" (case is not important)
77 - Region code (you can enter any region code)
y - Other characters

1. Regular license plates (Square numbers are supported)
Cars "x000xx77" or "x000xx777"
Trailers "xx000077"
Special equipment "0000xx77"

2. Rooms without a flag (Square numbers are supported)
Cars "x000xx77" or "x000xx777"
Trailers "xx000077"
Special equipment "0000xx77"

3. Police license plates
Cars "x000077"
Trailers "000x77"

4. Military numbers
Cars "0000xx77"
Trailers "xx000077"

5. Diplomatic numbers (Square numbers are supported)
Ambassadors' cars - "000CD077"
or "000y00077"
y - letter 'D' or 'T' - for cars belonging to ordinary diplomats (D) or technical staff (T), one of the letters BEKMH - numbers for foreign citizens (yellow background, before 2002)

6. Transit numbers

7. Public transport numbers

8. Federal numbers (before 2007)

9. Numbers for exported/classic/sports cars (Square numbers are supported)
y - letter 'T' - exported cars, 'C' - sports cars, 'K' - classic cars

 Possible problems
With update 1.4, when using configurations where the numbers from the pre-installed were installed. versions of this mod, the numbers will have to be manually set again. To fix this, save the configuration again with the newly installed numbers.
(The most banal thing) Make sure that the "Skip number generation" option is DISABLED in the Graphics Settings
1. Make sure that the latest version of the mod is installed. If this is not the case, then click "Update all modifications" in the Modification Manager, and then turn off the mod after the update and turn it back on
2. Make sure that the mods that contain this mod for numbers in their archive are not installed. Turn it off/Delete such a mod or delete the corresponding files from the archive of such a mod (vehicle/common/licenseplates - the "htnv" folder, the "rus" folder in the case of a mod for Russian numbers, or folders containing "htnv" in the name in the case of other mods for numbers)
3. Make sure that this mod for numbers is installed from a reliable source (i.e. the BeamNG repository or from the website ), and also that in the mods folder (incl. mods/repo) there is only one archive with this mod installed from the repository
4. Make sure that other room mods (created by other users) that you have installed do not conflict with this mod

Credits: htnv


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