Realistic Police Lights CVPI Addon v1.5.0
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MOD Realistic Police Lights CVPI Addon v1.5.0 for BEAMNG.DRIVE

Changelog v1.5.0
-Added side runners to the version with a light panel. -Fixed
​​a mistake with the taillights

Realistic police lights for Crown Victoria with
a new generation lighting system
06-01.84582/ and download the mod. Then make sure you have downloaded the latest RPL update. Then put the mod(s) in the "repo" folder. How to use SHIFT+N activates the light ALT+SHIFT+N to change patterns Turning on the high beam activates Take-Downs IF EQUIPPED.

The Lighting System
This mod has the most advanced, challenging and realistic police lights you can get for BeamNG. It features incredible police lighting, including flashing vehicle headlights (WigWags). Includes a traffic advisor, lots of extra details and various styles like a smooth top or a light strip, allowing you to customize the light that is unique to you!
Traffic Advisor
The Traffic Advisor is an additional part that you can install in the "Traffic Advisor" slot. The way this is implemented is a bit interesting, let me explain. The way this works is by using ALT+SHIFT+N to change the patterns, which means you will end up changing the basic lighting patterns and repeating the traffic advisor patterns with a different light bar. pattern. This is a bit strange for the ELS version with a light panel. Take-Downs
To use disassembly, you MUST have wigwag lights, that's how it's implemented at the moment. I don't know any other way yet. It can be turned on and off independently of the main ELS.

Credits: WarDaddyUSA


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