Kolas-Gamergull AI Circuit Race Scenarios: Vivace 1.1
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It is a racing scenario pack against AI opponents on the racetrack. Supports official and mod maps.
Kolas-Gamergull AI Circuit Race Scenarios: Vivace

I wanted to see how the BeamNG AI would perform against a player on the racetracks, and I created this mod made with the template of Gamergull's G.A.R.S. mod. The scenario pack has official maps and also some ported maps too.

The scenarios have custom variables in the race.json files for maximizing the AI's track performance. This means instead of a static value of the parameters, in some parts of the track the AI will take much more risk to turn their cars on the corners faster. With these variables, in some maps, the AI lap times are more than 4 seconds faster against before. The pack can be expandable if the maps has a decal road for the AI.

Along with the official maps, you need these maps to play all scenarios.
The list of the maps:
#1 West Coast
#2 Hirochi
#3 Automation
#4 Lakeside
#5 Spa (fix needs to be applied, from the links section)
#6 İstanbulpark
#7 Imola
#8 Laguna Seca
#9 Brands Hatch

The links to the mods are in the discussion thread.

Even if you had these mods before you should check them from the links section, they might include a fix or an update for the ai path.

-The AI uses late braking also trail braking, you cannot past them by braking.
-They might press to brake in a turn where you are not expecting.
-The AI has awareness but only to what is on their forward, if you stay side-by-side the AI will probably push you out.
-In close racing, they might hit you from back if you brake early in the racing line.
-Do not leave the racetrack asphalt, part of your vehicle must be on the asphalt and the kerb does not count as a road. Otherwise, you can get a stop penalty.
-If your pc cannot run this scenario over 30fps the ai will not behave correctly.

Credits: Kolas


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