D/H-Series Upfit Tow Hitches 1.2
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MOD D/H-Series Upfit Tow Hitches 1.2 BEAMNG.DRIVE

An improved traction device is no longer an option in a frame traction device. This is due to the fact that the Upfit hitch is also present on the conventional frames of vans/pickups and Roamer.

The platform and cargo bay with tow bar are now a separate Upfit option.

Have you ever felt the need to tow a wooden crate while transporting a car at the same time?

Or carry a couch with you, saving the lives of patients?

Two stacks of firewood on the platform are not enough, and you want to take another one with you?
Tow hitches Up fit Box and Flatbed are common variants of traction devices.
The traction coupling device for AVTOVAZ is a variant with a folding support.
The ambulance trailer is a variant of the rear bumper of the ambulance body. Have fun with towing

Credits: O1LER


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