Brake Glow Mod v2.27 (0.28.X)
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Adds smooth brake glow to all cars by default.

A new overlay grid with a transparent HTML texture has been added around the brakes. The texture will begin to change the transparency of the 3 texture layers after reaching certain temperatures. Thanks to LucasBE, textures now look MUCH better because they are rendered correctly and so on.

Supported machines:
Bruckell LeGran
Bruckell Moonhawk
Bruckell Bastion
Burnside Special
Civetta Bolide
Civetta Scintilla
Cherrier Vivace/Tograc
ETK I-Series
ETK K-Series
ETK 800-Series
Hirochi SBR4
Hirochi Sunburst
Gavril D-Series
Gavril Roamer
Gavril H-Series
Gavril Barstow
Gavril Blueback
Gavril Grand-Marshal
Ibishu Pigeon
Ibishu Wigeon
Ibishu Miramar
Ibishu Pessima (old)
Ibishu Pessima (new)
Ibishu Hopper
Ibishu Covet
Ibishu 200BX
Solaid Wendover
SP Dunekicker
SP Rockbasher

In version 2.27:
- Fixed some bugs with how I implemented brake glow in the ETK 800 TT-Sport brakes, Vivace Rally brakes and Vivace R-Sport brakes. Now they have to work as intended!

Credits: Inn0centJok3r


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