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Nuclear Bomb 1.0 for

It's a Nuclear Bomb!

Blow up things, crash into it, start wars, the list is en... Others Modifications
80 0 26

Murphy Model B Handcar 1.0 for

I'm not sure what compelled me to make this, but here it is! The first human... Others Modifications
76 0 13

Snowman Prop 1.0 for

Adds a fully deformable snowman with 3 different configurations.

... Others Modifications
77 0 16

Official Special Winter Mod 1.01 for

Ho ho ho!
We have a small present for you - a special winter event m... Others Modifications
153 0 21

Old Rope 1.0

Old rope is flexible, fire resistant and black
Old rope has 3 sizes, bigger rope is stronger and longer
... Others Modifications
317 0 47

Car Hoist 1.0

A car hoist to lift your car off the ground when you work on it.

- Model, Texture and Jbeam by me (Crash Ha... Others Modifications
301 0 45

Fidget Spinner

The trendiest BeamNG mod as of now!

Throttle (Default - Up Arrow) - Spin

What is it... Others Modifications
586 0 109

Siren & Horn Mod AND MORE v2.0.2

Mod that add Siren and Horn and much more on !

-Parking brake sound Others Modifications
1055 0 240

Explosive Propane Tank UPDATE 

Updated propane tank mod to work with the new fire visuals. Uses a precompressed jbeam struct... Others Modifications
554 0 134

Torsions Vehicle-to-Vehicle Couplers v08

Several popular types of hitch are available for both ends of the chain:
Female ba... Others Modifications
720 0 219
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