2JZ-GTE I6 Engine And Transmission v0.9.0 (0.30.X)
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The well-known 2JZ-GTE engine and gearbox for Ibishu 200BX in BeamNG.
The sounds and characteristics of the engine and transmission are as close to real as possible. The behavior of the transmission is now more like the present, especially it is felt when changing gears.

Characteristics of the 2JZ-GTE engine:
Manufacturer - Japan
Years of release - 1991-2007.
Configuration — Four-stroke, inline-6 (straight-6)
Supercharger - Twin-Turbo
Volume - 3.0 l
Power – 324 hp
. Torque - 451 Nm

Supported cars:
- Ibishu 200BX

Note: I recommend using it with a gear ratio of 3,267.
It is also recommended to install a sports exhaust for a better sound!

Credits: Hell_Raiser_999


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