14L Semi Truck Engine for Barstow v1.0 (0.31.x)
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Do you think this is crazy? Not at all!
Diesel engine for 900CUI trucks with 14 liters, now installed on Barstow!
There are 4 configurations:
The first is a regular base model with a replaced diesel engine. It has the least powerful turbocharging, and it is designed only for driving and entertainment.
The second configuration is a tow truck. It has a turbocharged T600, so it has tremendous power and torque. It can pull a ton of weight, it has cargo boxes in the truck and rear seats. In fact, a semi-trailer, but like a passenger car, and with a conventional trailer device.
The next one is a racing version, and for a huge diesel engine, it's actually pretty good, it has good acceleration to a hundred and decent speed, but it can't turn well, and I think you know why...
and the last config is a dragster. It has a turbocharged T1000 (yes, I added more turbines, T800 and T1000) and no, which brings its torque to almost 9000 Nm and power over 2000 hp.

Credits: APGDE


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