Xero Parklands v2.03 (0.31.x)
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A very diverse and large, but realistic map, which has almost everything your heart desires.
The main focus of the map is on a race track called Xero Speedring with 5 different layouts (full, Grand Prix, short, full classic, short classic). This highway was built in the 1980s after the local airport was closed and a lot of land became available for use and could be bought cheaply. As a result, there are some pretty long straights on the track, as well as several street-type aspects as you approach the warehouses at the far corner of the track.

On the map:
– 62 missions, including several "careers", from time trials to car chases, collection collections, AI races and everything in between.
– The race track is 3.17 miles long and takes about two and a half minutes in the GTIV series specification K.
– Sand dunes. In the very south of the map along the ocean coast you will find massive sand dunes with giant jumps from dune to dune. To the northeast of the large open dunes are several wooded dunes similar to those on the Oregon coast. There are 50-100 trails winding through the trees in these dunes.
– 5 smaller race tracks. In addition to the larger full-size track, smaller tracks are scattered in and around the Xero Parklands Motorsport Campusall, where artificial intelligence works both in missions and in free movement.
– Drift track, as well as 3 more drift zones, 2 driving schools, as well as a mountain for drifting.
– Off-road. For those who like a more relaxed and slow ride on the beaten roads, there are two trial trails on this map: one goes almost from corner to corner and passes through two different mountains, and the other goes up a very steep hill, turning back to the watchtower. There is also a full-fledged off-road park on the territory of the race track, where you can test your jeeps and trucks with many RC Crawler-style obstacles, such as a log bridge and climbing stairs. Well, we must not forget the giant mud swamp with very deep mud pits up to 6 feet deep in several places.

Other card chips:
- A sawmill with an improvised race track inside;
- Pier and shipyard;
- Dirt roads for the rally;
- A full-fledged mountain, ideal for climbing;
- A highway and a two-lane paved road go around the map in a circle;
- City and surroundings;
- Rally school with paved and unpaved tracks;
- Driving school with autocross and highway;
- A few Easter eggs worth looking for;
- 1/8 mile lane;
- 2 "player's houses" designed for spending time and modifying your cars;
- 3 gas stations (not working yet);
- A bunch of configs that are used in Ai races and other similar missions.  

In version 2.03 (05/06/24):
– Fixed some inappropriate assets;
– The beach campsite has been completely renovated;
– Textures have been updated to improve.

Credits: Track Broseff


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