Wreckage Road v1.0
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Welcome to the Wreckage Road map! A long time ago, the gods threw stones from the sky and devastated the earth. Now the surviving tribes are competing for the favor of the gods in the arena "Wreck Road". The main competition takes place on Doom Spiral, which begins with a 12-lane descent on smooth asphalt, which is squeezed into 6 lanes of a gradually deteriorating road. Then things only get worse, as the road turns into 3 lanes of mud with hills and rocks. Finally, the drivers must climb into a large crater, known simply as the Pit. Those who successfully enter the pit will earn the favor of the desert gods and glorify their tribe. Survival is optional. Be careful: during the race, enter the Pit any other way, and you will disgrace your tribe! Drivers can also compete in Dirt Luge — a winding hilly descent to the river gorge. Cross over to the other side to receive gifts from the river spirits. Drivers from the A-Eye tribe like to chase footballs, so you can throw one of them into a pit or into a small depression by the river to motivate them to compete. Next to the first part of the Spiral of Fate is a broken Sky Bridge. Some say that a successful landing on the far side brings the favor of the heavenly gods. In their free time, drivers can explore a variety of trails that cross the terrain, including rocky areas, narrow canyons and coastal trails.

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