Toxic Sand Dunes v1.1 (0.29.X)
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In version 1.1:
- The rally track (Dakar) is now longer and has exciting and challenging turns;
- The rally route has come to an end;
- Fixed interaction of cards with original cards (under investigation);
- Improvements to the main roads;
- Other minor fixes and improvements.

A large desert map. It is a modified map of Qatar. A huge map where you can explore and test your coolest cars.

This map contains:
- Realistic dunes;
- Realistic sand physics;
- Rally racing/Dakar;
- Climbing Drag Race;
- Realistic sand and smoke particles created specifically for this map (advanced particle mod);
- Tire tracks in the sand (experiment);
- 2 paved arenas for drifters/car testers;
- 4x4 is highly recommended!!!

Credits: Acug


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