Pure Sands v1.2 (0.32.x)
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Clean Sands is a tiny sandy island. The perfect map for off-road entertainment. It was created carefully, with an emphasis on realism and optimization at the same time.
The map is a sandy paradise with unique attractions such as corals and a picturesque coastline.

Pure Sands is user-friendly in several aspects; it has a small file size, loads quickly and has improved lighting, which makes driving more comfortable!
The map includes several activities in these sand dunes! A descent by truck? Do you inspect the corals? Have a fun race with friends in Japanese cars? This map has everything!  

In version 1.2:
- Some unused resources have been removed;
- The size of the zone of the new part of the Cave has been edited;
- Slight visual improvement of the ocean (the level of detail is now increased in reflections on the water).

Credits: Bifdro


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