OGC Map - Ultimate Beam.NG Map 0.25
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MOD OGC Map - Ultimate Beam.NG Map 0.25 for BEAMNG.DRIVE

AI support, overhaul of existing areas and improvements
List of changes:
- Implemented AI (maybe a little worn in some places)
- GPS works half decently
- Recycling of huge parts of the middle highway
- Added entrances and exits to the high-speed oval
- Processing of the ground covering

At some point I decided that I really like the original Beam maps, especially the Western coast of the USA, IndustrialiDerby.
And then I had an idea, a large map with the above-mentioned maps combined into one. (I also added grid map v2 to it.)

After combining the cards into one, I needed to make a connection between them. In the beginning it was very rough and not very detailed. Every day I had more and more ideas to refine the map until today.

Instead of having only the original maps, there is much more to experience and explore. Huge areas for street, racing, off-road and other things.

Credits: Online90


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