Lost Paradise v1.1 (0.32.x)
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Explore two abandoned islands covered with dense thickets. Among this lush nature, there are challenging trails, spectacular jumps and many other attractions.

What's here:
- 15 exciting missions (AI racing, stunts and long jumps, time trial, rally, drift, climbing, chase, collecting).
- Highly detailed tropical landscapes.
- AI support.
- Diverse terrain (2048x2048): 45% asphalt, 35% mud, 18% sand, 2% mud.
- Dynamic lighting (under development).

Interesting places on the map include:
1st island:
- A military base with an airstrip.
- A port with a track with crazy jumps, drifts and stunts.
- Drifting/racing track.
- Waterfall with a jump over the dam.
- Industrial site.
- An overgrown observatory.

2nd island:
- An abandoned resort.
- The castle.
- The picturesque beach surrounding the island.

In version 1.1:
- Optimized dynamic lighting;
- Added prop machines;
- Modified the drift car in one of the missions;
- Visual settings.

Credits: KAMUS


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