Lonestar Speedway, USA v1.22 (0.32.x)
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Lonestar Speedway is a large racing complex in south Texas that experienced its heyday in the early to mid—70s and has since lost popularity due to safety concerns and being too remote for the growing world of motorsport. Currently, the facility is mainly used for amateur racing competitions on the infield track, as well as for high-performance driving competitions. By playing on this map, you can now relive both its past and current glory, depending on what you want to do.

What is on the map:
- Oval with a roll of 1.75 miles;
- 20 missions, AI races and time trials, including oval AI races, rally stages and demonstration derby races;
- A highly detailed complete map with almost no place left where there would be nothing to do;
- There are also all sorts of different things that can be found, like hidden roads and various attractions.

In version 1.22:
- New Spec BX configuration for the player's car, using a new newly added coloring
- Updated textures for all ground models to make them less shiny.
- Fixed literally unplayable typos in mission descriptions.
- Fixed a bug with missing textures on industrial equipment.
- Updated drift missions for better performance in scenario mode.

Credits: Track Broseff


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