Isola Rocciosa v2.11 (0.32.x)
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Isola Rocciosa is a small, quiet Italian island.
– Small size: Isola Rocciosa is less than 512x512. The goal is to make a small but fully detailed and beautiful map.
– PBR: The landscape, all buildings and props have been converted to PBR, but there are decals that are not in PBR (yet).
– High detail: This map is as realistic, detailed and beautiful as possible. If you want to spend some time riding around the Italian island and racing against the clock, then Isola Rocciosa is for you!
– Improved performance: Thanks to the small size and PBR, the card will not be a problem for your PC!
– Missions: There are several fun or even challenging missions on the map, including chases, time trials and more!
– Dynamic additions: The map includes dynamic props and dynamic night lights. In addition, it supports the "parked cars" feature.

In version 2.11:
- Added GIF previews instead of pictures for the appearance points.
- Fixed an issue that caused the world editor to crash.
- Added more new details (props, new construction site)
- Added more artificial intelligence stripes + road stickers.
- Improved ocean visualization.
- Improved visualization of the skybox.
- The coastal zone has been improved, which makes it possible to fully drive around the island.
- The Owl Statue area has been redesigned (transformed into a real paved parking lot).
- Some No_Mesh errors have been removed.
- Minor corrections (relief, decals, etc.)

Credits: Bifdro


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