Ibishu Saga 1.15
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Mod Ibishu Saga 1.15 for BeamNG.drive

Ibishu sports flagship of the late 80's.

A touch of history:
The Ibishu Saga 1987-1991 is the flagship GT sports coupe with a rigid roof from Ibishu. Its chassis design, interior, and styling elements further seeped through the lineup and made their way into the 1st generation Ibishu Pessima when Saga finished its production cycle. The Saga is equipped with two engines: a 1.8-liter H4 and a 2.6-liter H6 in the FR layout. Both engines were designed and developed by Hirochi as part of a collaboration with the brand. None of the engines saw any other Ibishu applications after Saga, although presumably appeared in other Hirochi models of the time.

For the mod to work properly, you need a KLJP Core Mod. Not necessarily, but it's better to download. All wheels will work, etc.

Credits: Kueso


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