Gambler523 v2.1.ROI DES RUES (0.30X)
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In version 2.1 (Final update):
- The unused\floating bridge of logs has been removed;
- Fixed several outdated missions;
- Removed unused resources to reduce file size

This is a card inspired by the Gambler500 competition, which tells a short story in several scenarios.

What is there here:
- Working gas stations
- AI and GPS navigation
- Paved highway goes from corner to corner
--->the ends of the highway teleport to the other side of the map
- Off-road trails all over the map
- Tent camp
- Picnic spot on the lake shore
- Site at the sawmill
- Motocross track
- Dirty oval track
- Mud oval track
- The industrial park has been transformed into a field of Jimkhan
- Demolition of derby arenas
- A river field with a waterfall slide built for the Wydra company

How to play out the story on this map:
The tent camp serves as the center of the story mission. The default spawn (camp) will place you next to your camp and the first story mission. If you want to play out the story as intended; use the default respawn point and please do not play in free mode and do not play any scenarios unrelated to the story until you finish the story. Although I recommend you to study the map a bit to navigate the area if you want to get Gold Stars. Artificial intelligence is enabled on all roads and trails on the map to have a usable GPS map, so this will help a little. (Although the real AI traffic is a bit buggy - for now) It's better not to drive in advance and not play any other included scenarios, as the story will introduce you to the functions of the maps and make the missions more difficult if you are not familiar with everything.

From the default spawn (camp), head to the campsite closest to you and start the first mission. After completing the mission, select "Continue at the beginning of the Challenge" (or "Fast Travel" if necessary), then proceed to the next camp. The story unfolds over 3 days: the day of arrival, the day of garbage collection and the day of departure. All scenarios (even additional ones that are not plot-based) have a short story text on the mission start screen. It is better to read them to get a complete picture of the map and get any details necessary for any conditions of passage/non-passage for this scenario. All story scenarios are labeled "Story 01 — Mission Name", "Story 02 — Mission Name", etc. So if you use QuickTravel, it will be easier to do them all in order, but going from camp to camp in order from the closest to the spawn location and the appearance works a little better, since the list of scenarios on the map screen is out of order and this is how the map is designed to be played.

After you finish the last story scenario, there will be additional scenarios designed just for entertainment, as well as some that are also related to the story, as if you were delayed after the event for a few extra days. Now let's move on to the list of scenarios and map features. Let's go on an adventure!

List of scenarios (13 Story + 18 Extra = 31 total):
- Arrive
- Inform
- A Dash For Gas
- Motocross Madness
- Trash Pickup Trail Ride
- TJ's Speedway
- Trash Removal (x5)
- Down and Dirty
- Depart

- Motocross Time Trail - Rally Car
- Motocross Time Trail - Rock Racer
- Motocross Madness - Pigeon
- Motocross Madness - Rock Racer
- TJ's Speedway - Pigeon
- TJ's Speedway - Stadium Trucks
- Sawmill 01 - Lumber Collect
- Sawmill 02 - Lumber Delivery
- Industrial Site Gymkhana
- Supercar 01 - Detail Delivery
- Supercar 02 - Wash in the Lake
- Fire and Rescue - Hillside Hopper
- Fire and Rescue - Crawler Crash
- Fire and Rescue - Injured Hiker
- Rock Bouncer Blast 01
- Rock Bouncer Blast 02
- Mountaintop Mayhem
- Wydra River Cruise

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