Crashing Grounds v1.6 (0.31.x)
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A large map of Crashing Grounds with various roads and directions for testing cars in Beamng. The map is well optimized for its size.

What is on the map:
1. Runway.
2. The place of arrival of the ferry to the island.
3. Beach off-road.
4. A big jump in the mountains.
5. Caves.
6. Off-road trial in the mountains.
7. Tunnel for crash tests.
8. Dead end.
9. Places to fall.
10. Racing/drift track.
11. Cliffroad, climbing the hill.
12. The lake.
13. The lighthouse.
14. Mud pit.
15. Pier with jumps.
16. The stage of rally tests.
17. The road to the resort is off-road.
18. Roller coasters for destroying cars.
19. Traveling along the coast with off-road.
20. Suspension test.
21. Mud wars.
22. "Stairs".

In version 1.6:
- The Last Ride — crazy cliff road (closed for repairs, don't go there..)
- New Big Crawler zone with a mission!
- Updated territories!
- New road signs, lots of collision fixes (tunnel, high-speed pier, etc.)
- Texture fixes and performance improvements.
- New miniatures for EVERYTHING! and a few new spawn points!

Credits: NoBeam


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