Buckyville Island 1.0
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MOD Buckyville Island 1.0 BEAMNG.DRIVE

This is a tropical island with a big dirty race track (with fast AI), a big rally track, 4 off-road tracks, a big airport, a big city center and other features coming soon! There are also TONS of Easter eggs on this map, so try to find them all! UPDATES:
FIXED: Map disappears in certain places, bumpy road is smoothed, floating objects are grounded, dirt road fencing looks and acts better, AI acts better. ADDED: some lighting, ground cover, a NEW long bridge, NEW mountains with off-road tracks and a town, a NEW small airport, an updated main airport, easy access to rally tracks, more signs. PERFORMED: traffic lights, dragstrip, docks, the city of Buckeyville and much more!

Credits: Experimental Pilot :-)


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