Arctic Circle SWDN v1.02 (0.32.x)
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Welcome to the Far North beyond the Arctic Circle! Here, in the Arctic Circle, the days are short and the snow is deep, so be careful exploring these places!
The map of the Arctic Circle is a 4096x4096 map (the size of a game map of Italy) with miles and miles of snow-covered dirt roads, mountains and forests in which you can get lost. It is actively snowing on the map, which means that visibility is limited. The task of intelligence is much more difficult.

- Complete PBR landscape materials for the best graphical experience.
- 6 rally stages with a total length of more than 40 miles, including a 20-mile straight mega-stage, completely running on snow-covered roads.
- Sanctioned AI races on paved, unpaved, snowy and icy tracks.
- Unauthorized street races against randomly selected opponents both on mountain passes and on the highway.
- Six police and robber missions, in three of which you are a policeman and in three you are a suspect.
- Eight cities with dynamic lighting for long Arctic nights
- Custom landscape of deep snow and snow-covered road with custom particles.
- There are a lot of Easter eggs hidden, including a Monolith and 10 snowmen (let me know if you find them all).
- Industrial zones for those who are interested in long-haul cargo transportation or other similar hardworking activities.
- Non-standard configurations of Arctic trucks and Swedish license plates.

Total on the map:
- 35 Total missions;
- 30+ miles of snow-covered road;
- 200+ hours of operation;
- 8 points of appearance;
- An area of 2.5 square miles (4.1 km);
- More than 15 miles of paved road;
- 3 racing tracks.

Note. The mod includes additional machine configurations for proper AI operation. You will see them if the .pc configurations are enabled in your selector.

In version 1.02 (05/06/24):
- Fixed bugs with missing textures;
- Updated landscape materials for more accurate reflectivity, especially for more icy terrain;
- Updated BX missions to fix several bugs;
- Behind-the-scenes FPS optimization;
- Fog, snow and sunny sky updates for better viewing.

Credits: Track Broseff


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