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In version 7.2 (02/15.24):
- Small changes in materials and 3D models to correct the appearance of the propeller sprite, transparen... Aviation
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In version 7.1 (02/13.24):
- An update to solve the problem of the aircraft's tendency to a lowered nose by adjusting the aerod... Aviation
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A B25 Mitchell work plane for BeamNG.
Turning on/off the engines: V
Up: Down arrow
Down: Up arrow
Left: Left arro... Aviation
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A number of users have reported problems with non-working engines. This is due to an incorrect installation. You HAVE TO put the me262 fi... Aviation
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The mod is configured to work with a game controller, but it also works with a keyboard, but it will be more difficult. (You can change t... Aviation
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after a small break of almost half a year i decided to make plane mods again.
As always the quality and really the best but that... Aviation
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1. it fly very well
2. wing flaps, the two props, and the tail flaps all work


1. if you... Aviation
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Carpet plane. See the control in the hint that pops up when the mod is spawned. There is a version of Aladdin in fashion, as well as an o... Aviation
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An aircraft with eight configurations.

- High quality;
- Has working sensors;
- Working doors;
- Animated gears... Aviation
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A flying car.
- Configurations;
- High quality;
- Realistic physics;
- Good model;
- Good damage;
- N... Aviation
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