Western Star 5700 Optimus Prime Transformers v4.1 - 1.49
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Western Star 5700 Optimus Prime – is a detailed and realistic recreation of the iconic truck from the Transformers franchise. The mod includes custom paint jobs, upgrades, and accessories to make your truck look just like the famous Autobot leader. From the signature red and blue paint job to the sleek design and powerful engine, this mod brings the spirit of Optimus Prime to the virtual roads of ETS2. Features Western Star 5700 Optimus Prime: – Standalone truck; – Sold in the DAF or Acces Mod dealer; – Engines and gearboxes selection; – The model has: 1 cabin, 1 chassis; – Skin included; – The model has own interior; – The model has own sound; – The model has own wheels; – Color selection; – Cables support; – Detailed 3D model; – Compatible with ATS and ETS2. Changes in v4.1: – Adapted to the latest game patch 1.49 Tested on game version 1.49.x Credits Fabio Contier

Credits: Fabio Contier


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