Ural Next + BDF Trailer & Cargoes v1.6 [1.40]
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Ural Next rework for ATS 1.40.x and up ATS 1.40.x ONLY update includes: – Fixed mirror, windows and dash reflections for 1.40 patch – Available dummy cargoes for Cargo chassis – Updated sound for ATS – Openable windows (FuNYash) – Outside wipers animation (FuNYash) – Engine Key animation (FuNYash) NOTE: Before enabling this updated mod sell old Ural Next and disable it from a mod manager. Ural Next offtoad tire set and Cargo chassis is compatible with “Nefaz 8332 for ATS” ownable trailer which included in the archive. Russian_Dalnoboy(core mod); vasja555(1.35-1.40 updates); FuNYash for 1.40 part (openable windows, outside wipers and some anims in cabin)

Credits: Russian_Dalnoboy(core mod); vasja55


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