Peterbilt 386 (SMRS Edit) v1.3 - 1.46
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Update updated gps ui updated some defs fixed accessories updated icon Features: Truck chassis variant(s) for Truck ‘n’ Trailer option (I recommend Deezle’s 3xx mod!) Multiple cab options Multiple chassis options Cab trim both painted and stainless Mirror accessories Wilson antennas Interior CB Radio (has physics) Stock antennas (forward variant included) Watermelon lights Lollipop lights Additional cab accessory nodes (back of cab) 4″ lights, in Amber, Red, and White (reverse) Rear lightbar options Step boxes options For 1.46 Credits SMRS, R.Modjeski, Colonel, SCS, Colt/Pioneer, Sisl, Harven, etc.

Credits: SMRS, R.Modjeski, Colonel, SCS, Col


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