Peterbilt 352/362 v4.140.1 [1.41.x]
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UPDATE 4.140.1 Complete rebuild and completely different body shells for main cabs (converted from 18WOS mod [AUTHOR UNKNOWN]) 3 versions: Regular, H-type cabs, 362 Cabs 3 variants: Daycab, Single Bunk, Double Bunk 3 Special bunks: Mercury(H), Legacy(regular), ARI (regular and H) 2 types of chassis: Regular and Specialty 3 versions of regular chassis: Default height, Raised, and Lowered Multiple interior combinations for: Bed, Dash, Behind Dash, Shell, Door/center console – REWORKED ALL ANIMATIONS, there’s more and they’re more accurate to real life. – RIVETS are realistic based on reference photos – NEW accessories: window trim, trim of cab, engine block, air filters, driver-side plate, many many more – New parts for existing accessories: exhaust, racks, rivets, rear bumper – Fixed wiper problems (they are as realistic as I can get them) – Cleaned up navigation of windows by limiting and removing redundant accessories – New thumbnails – New skins

Credits: GeoffOhare, Lucasi, Frank_Peru


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