Pete 362 Cabover - 1.49
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Changelogs – Updated dashboard lighting – Updated interior animations – Updated truck dealer – Fixed missing wheel accessories – Compatibility for 1.49 Contents: High-quality model of exterior and interior 3 chassis (6×4, standard/long/stretched) 60″ Sleeper (more sleepers will be added in the future updates) Compatibility with SISL’s Mega Pack and DLC Cabin Accessories Skinpack and template for your skins Engines and Sounds by Kapitan Kriechbaum High-quality animated air/electricity cables 4k AO Full Standalone Full LightmasFull animated interior including pedals, ignition key and etc. Transmissions (6-18 speed) Wheels pack included Lots of License Plates Original steering wheels + steering wheels from DLC Lots of accessories: grills, headlights, front bumpers, rear bumpers, visors, fenders, lights, horns, exhausts, mudflaps, lightbars, beacons, tanks, stairs, window chops, interior accessories, roof wings, grill covers, tanker covers

Credits: Jonruda


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