MACK ANTHEM 2018 [12.09.18] 1.32.X
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Changes [12.09.18]: - Merged files. and engines (was duplicates scattered around fashion). - Mod decreased from 1.8 GB to 405 MB using normal compression (sound is not compressed) - Managed to fix all errors found in the console, even removed outdated headlight definitions to make them compatible with 1.32. What could not be fixed: - Failed to merge internal lights files due to outdated data that the author does not know how to fix. (duplicates scattered throughout the fashion) - Unable to merge files of the accessories in the cabin. (duplicates scattered throughout the fashion) *** - Standalone; - Volvo dealership (can be Purchased at: Tucson, Las Vegas); - 4 cabins; - 7 chassis; - 19 engines; - 10 transmissions; - Your interior (4 options); - Your skins; - Tuning; - Accessories in the cabin; - Cable support; - Is present in the gallery.

Credits: FRANCK_PERU, YEKKO YEK, ShirBlacksp


Dowload374.1 MB

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